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You see everywhere that people want to show you how to make laundry soap.
And Im talking liquid, not dried whatever..

But there all doing it WRONG.

You see, there arent supposed to be any lumps or clumps or even milk if you did it right.
You shouldnt have to blend anything.

And boy howdy have I tried!

I would up with milk, with seperated scum over water…NO MORE!

You will go to the store and buy these items:

    bake-ing soda box(the arm and hammer one)
    washing soda box(the other arm and hammer one)
    oxy cleaner-the dry tub
    castille soap(this takes some looking)

castille soap

and nothing else. Some say add borax, other start itching when using it. Generally, though, use whatever bar soap suits you. The FELS as of late turns into dust, it doesnt shred like its supposed to.

You will get a massive pasta pot and put in the following:

    1 cup each of the sodas
    1/2 cup oxy whatever
    1 bar cheese grated castille soap

grated soap

You will add cold water(foof!) and fill the pot most of the way up.

You will witches brew that pot on the stove for around 15 mins at medium hi heat with your wooden spoon.

(dont add the eye of newt this time..)

When done, everything will melt and you will be met with a supermarket-like galoopy soup of clear soap.

Naturally, this is supposed to be diluted….it makes about 2.5 gallons diluted(and is still supermarket sudsy).


You did it the right way…

now onto the month long task of making bar soaps….